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Welcome to DMF Productions!

We are a small, family business with the goal of organizing North America's premiere rider clinics.

Our owner and founder, Danny Forbes, came from a modest family in a small town in Nova Scotia and shared his parents' love of horses. They weren't wealthy people, often living paycheque-to-paycheque, but Danny's parents were as dedicated to his dream as he was.

Danny has enjoyed a long career in the industry, both in and out of the saddle - Often benefitting from the kindness of others and the generosity of trainers willing to give a struggling kid an opportunity to hone his talent.

The mission of DMF Productions is to give riders, from amateur to professional, the opportunity to school with some of the most decorated athletes in the sport.

George Morris, McLain Ward, Scott Brash and others have partnered with DMF Productions to bring you the opportunity to ride in or audit some of the most premiere masterclass clinics in North America.

Never one to forget the struggles of his own career, Danny is committed to finding and making innovative solutions to enable riders the opportunity to attend these high-end clinics. It is why the team at DMF Productions works hard to partner with top brands - so we can offer giant prize incentives for raffle ticket sales for our riders - allowing them to fundraise and earn back their clinic fees.

Whether you are a junior, an amateur or a pro, DMF Productions has lined up the industry's most incredible talent to teach you their secrets.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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